Monday, June 17, 2013

My Gluten Free Diet/Adventure

Day Two:


Gluten free cereal contains 2.3 g of fiber for 50 g of cereal
Tried this with rice milk which has no fiber in it! Let me explain my obsession with fiber. From what I understand so far is the gluten free diet is made up of three things, one. To replace 'daily foods' to gluten free alternatives like pasta, break and cereals etc. Two. To then replace the fiber that you will be lacking from not  eating those 'daily foods' and Three. To not get hungry and fall back into your normal ways. The point is the 'Two' is the most important because fiber is an important addition to a heal thy diet, it prevents heart disease and weight gain. There are many different ways to get fiber into the diet, but on a gluten free food plan it becomes a bit harder so I try to work as much in as I possibly can.

Foods high in fiber:
Milk: Any nut milk, such as almond or soya milk or just normal milk

Snacks: Cashews, Peanuts, Dates, Banana, Carrots, Gluten free flapjack, popcorn!

Breakfast: Gluten free cornflakes. (Kellogg's crunchy nut is good, just as long as you don't get addicted to the sugar and start eating a box a day)

Dinner: Brown rice, potato with skin, lentils, sweet potato, spinach

I'll add more as we go along. Still working this out myself


Made a pit stop at Borough Market. Had a lovely ginger 'Flaxjack' from Flaxfarm


Salmon with cumin potatoes and salad. Thanks  200 Gluten Free Recipes

Hope this helps! As for the fiber thing there's no need to obsess over it. Going gluten free is hard enough as it is. But as you travel through your journey its always a good idea just to check on the back of the packet to know exactly whats going into your body. Celebrity personal trainer James Duigan explains in his clean and lean diet that the more ingredients there are on the packet (especially the ones you have never heard of before) will usually be packed full of preservatives and unwanted sugars!