Monday, August 16, 2010

Eco Friendly is going to put a smile on your face

Yeah Eco!!

The thought of wearing beautiful clothes and helping the environment makes me smile. I beleive that the colour green is the best eco friendly colour for some reason its making me think of mint tea right now. Mum is always going on and on about green living and recycling and to be honest I haven't paid much care and attention till late last year, guess I am more mature about that kind of stuff now, and eco friendly fashion i think is awesome.

Why is eco so in right now?

Because people can walk around looking good and feeling good, but with that extra sugar taste reminding them they are doing someting good for the world, the environment too.

Some top eco friendly designers
Marc Bouwer
Born in South Africa, he has Oscar winning actresses Halle Berry, Sandra Bullock and Angelina Jolie, who have worn his clothes and that is just a few. In 2002, the designer held his first cruelty-free collection. He has also received acclaim for his fabulous faux fur looks.

Stella McCartney
After successfully working with ChloĆ©, the designer opened her first store in 2002. The Stella McCartney high-fashion clothing line is offering a complete line of women's clothing that is 100% animal free and of course is still beautiful, sexy, fun and colorful.

Stuart + Brown

Stella McCartney

Healthy and Stylish


mint tea :)

this is weird but cool

Linda Loudermilk Bella Dress

Eco Wedding Dress

Salvatore Ferragamo
Risvolti Eco Tote

haha (its wool not grass)

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