Monday, September 13, 2010

Beautiful spring is back!

This year in the terms of 'Spring Fashion' I've been seeing a lot of nude and pale toned color in skirts, dresses and tops. You could match together a white floppy top with a light pink skirt or a nude coloured dress and nude coloured shoes, which gives quite a french chic look.
For shoes go all the way! totally out there shoes, with patterning. For example bows, polka dots, floral sandals or boots. Like the gorgeous Dr. Marten florals boots..

and the new Versace heels are great too.
As well as pale, there are also bright colours still in. Yellows and bright pinks, and the colour can be softened with a darker pair of shoes perhaps.
The tucked in look is also the bees knees for jeans, trousers and shorts.
Red hair is also amazing at this time of year, so if your thinking about a change in hair colour, then red is in! Check out red hair and see if it works for you.
Blue and white has been seen a lot too through winter and now holding on through spring too.
Scarves are a must have this season they are so free and light to wear, they look great and give an Indian bohemian look.
Jump suits have a high place in fashion for spring. Simple dark colours with chunky jewelry and heels or floral with a pair or gladiator sandals and a small brown shoulder bag. They are available in short or full length sizes.
Big pretty rings with interesting shape and breathtaking jewels, just give extra prettiness to outfits.
Big glasses, they are in, they are sexy and big shapes work for most face shapes.

Red is the most beautiful and individual hair colour, and if you are lucky enough to have red hair, never be ashamed of it. And of course it looks amazing in the sunlight.

me taking the picture

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