Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Frock it

Wow! Last night the 15th October was so amazing! I woke up this morning and still couldn’t get over how awesome the show was. QUT (Queensland University of Technology) had the creative industries fashion students present new, brilliant designs featured in two wonderland-themed runway shows. The event was called Frock it and it was a marvellous evening with heaps of creativity and fun. At the venue there was also artwork by interior designers and artists and two contemporary dance performances. Of course most of the entertainment sat in lobby before the show. Everyone was so well dressed and looking gorgeous and the shoes, well they just blew my mind and of course I wish I had every single pair everyone had on. There was a very broad style range too, some were looking very posh with perfect shoes and dresses and pearls and some just slapped on a pair of boots and a hot skirt. It created a whole mixture which was very entertaining and exciting to be around.

A while later when everyone had got their drinks and chatted a bit it was time to go in everyone sat down in their reserved seats, or some stood up all the photographers propped themselves in their photo taking positions. The introduction was two contemporary dancers doing there stuff down the catwalk a nice creative way to start the show and you could just feel that the show was going to be great. Then a little talk about Frock it and the new store fleet wood. The shop has been open for two months and closing in about 1 week so if your in Brisbane in search for a hot fashion store it’s at Windsor Garden near the Hilton and you better hurry because you only have a week to check it out.

The first outfit to come on was a leotard which was a light blue with darker blue frills around the shoulder and neck line it’s definitely the new glam it was just gorgeous. The male model stole the audiences attention with his piercing, strong look. He was definitely one of the highlighted models for me and I am certain he was for others too. The first show of the night was calm and relaxed in terms of the style and fabric. It was the everyday wear with neutral tones highlighting the body figure to pretty feminine colours that would look cute and bubbly on anyone. There was also some beautiful evening wear and they were bright colours showing off some leg and were still quite laid back and simple. The second show was more out there and crazy and only a small amount of people could get away with wearing these clothes. There was an evening dress that was a sheer black stripy fabric and was slim and very 1920s I believe I would call it. A black dress very simple with the neck line covered with string bits of tough wool hanging off and two cuffs off the wrists with the same idea. An amazing black full piece bathing suit also came to my senses it had strings of black fabric draping from the side cut-outs around the hips and across the low back drop. It is a sexy swimsuit worn to a pool party were you won’t go swimming because your too busy showing off the swimsuit. The final dress was a long, sheer see-through black vest with bright coloured patterned leggings underneath which looked really nice and flamboyant. A great way to end the show.


my choose of clothing for the night

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