Sunday, October 24, 2010

West End = Small but Beautiful

“Sunday Best” Costume Parade was a parade and fashion catwalk show held to celebrate West End Style with its unique taste in fashion. After starting with a parade down the local street, everyone gathered around the catwalk for the fashion show. There was fashion from people dressing up in recycled bits and pieces, superhero costumes and local companies showcased their clothes down the catwalk too. People dressed up well and there was prizes for Sunday Best Dressed.

 Box Vintage is a sweet little vintage shop with an array of different clothes from the 19th century times. In the parade, Box Vintage had a beautiful and fun selection of classic vintage pieces shown. The models were fun, bright and colourful, for the audience it was fun to watch them too. Don’t Tell Fannie had her models dressed up in New Australian designers outfits. Don’t tell Fanny is a beautiful Shop in West End. The clothes are comfortable, effortless fashion right off the rack. I myself am lucky enough to have one of the amazing jumpsuits that I am in love with. The clothes are very unique and made Nationally.

 West End Style is always walking down through the street after being in the city of just cruising the local shops. There is a beautiful sense about the fashion and the simple creativeness in the clothes people wear. There are some nice small fashion design businesses around too. They are designers who design and make their own clothes and control their own business. Sarva is a designer shop focusing mostly on Couture and evening wear. What is great about Sarva is if you like the design but maybe not the colour or the fabric you can choose for yourself if you want it changed and it will be custom made to your liking. Sookii is a Japanese inspired fashion store featuring Japanese vintage fabric. Helen is the store owner and was taught by her Japanese mother to sew, then studied fashion at TAFE. Altogether West End is a fashion hot spot in Brisbane to check out, not busy and not quiet, it is somewhere in the middle very chill axed and calm with a splash of fashion for decoration.

Sunday Best Dressed

Box Vintage

Don't Tell Fannie

Kissin Cusin jumpsuit from Don't Tell Fannie

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