Monday, November 1, 2010

Fashion oct/nov

October has been a great month for fashion in Brisbane, we’ve had The Valentino Exhibition, Stella McCartney has her designs at target, Polka-dots have made there way back into fashion trends and Vogue tried to make a suitcase the new it bag.

Everyone is slowly changing into beautiful flowing dresses. In the city, around the streets, people are wearing gorgeous, flowing, floral dresses, with sandals, a shoulder bag and minimal jewellery. Head pieces, bows and headscarves add extra to the daily hair styles. Distinctive shaped sunglasses, for example circle and square are perfect because they are so cute and keep your eyes sun protected. Mix and matching of vintage clothing is comfortably sitting in most fashionistas wardrobes and rocking their everyday style too. Vintage fabric is great for spring because of the textures and pattern designs, which gives off a wonderful, fashionable vibe in style.

 November is now here and looks like dresses and sandals are winners of daily dressing in Brisbane. The Melbourne Cup is currently on and the fashion is going off from the beautifully elegant dressed. In among the top 5 best dressed for the races is our Queensland finalist in an incredible Vintage styled dress in a light blue pattern and a wide-brimmed skirt. It is like a half ball gown and really stands out from all the slim bright designs most people are settling for this year so fingers crossed she wins the competition.

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