Saturday, November 13, 2010

Glasses 2010
The chain Glasses have come back from 2004 when they were the librarian's must haves. But don't worry, they are cool now.

The unforgetable Lady Gaga frames.

This same shape has been used a lot this year in different designs. From nerdy glasses to sunnies, ideal for music festivals or just chilling at the beach. The design works on both women and  men too.

The beloved round glasses first adapted be stars such as john lennon are now offically 'hot stuff' again!

Vintage Glasses are beautifully unique and are perfect to wear with beautiful floral dresses.
Harry Potter/Owl style.

As you can see from the three pictures with this same style I have already put up, I am obsessed with these glasses!

Ray Ban style. They remind me of country music and cowboys.

Glasses are must haves for everyone, because as much as they pretect your eyes from the sun they also add a fashionable accessory. This year we have had quite a few different shapes of glasses. There has been the simple glamorous shapes and really random creations worn be Lady Gaga. If your stuck with what shape suits your face, usually big bug eyed glasses look good on everyone.


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  1. Oooo, cool glasses! great blog!