Monday, November 29, 2010

Nov 29



Yes holidays are finally here! Brace yourself for the teenage fashion swarming in and out of the shops and around the streets for 8 weeks. Teen fashion is all about looking good and feeling comfortable especially in hot weather. Sportsgirl is definitely the place to drop by these holidays with their new summer collections hitting the shelves. Like every summer in Australia we go for the bohemian hippy style. Sportsgirl has anklets, scarves and bracelets ready to go and at a good price too. Sportsgirl will also have you set to hit the beach with sandals, beach towels, hats and more.

I would say November has been quite chilled for fashion. Just cruzing along sticking to the same trends. But when is it time to move on from the same global styles? Something that I find so interesting in fashion is when will the next big, big! thing be. Jeans and high heels were discovered ages ago and are is still but when will we see the next fashion piece that will make history. That is what designers all over the world are trying to find. Come on designers! fashion lovers are relying on you to get something amazing for us to cherish. I hope when I will have my own label I can beat the effect of jeans on the world with one of my creations.


 new128 022 (2)

new128 048  You can wear these cute shoes with a simple white dress and it looks awesome!

Right now circle glasses and high-waist shorts are on the front cover of my magazine. Shorts are perfect for summer and they suit almost anyone. I wear mine with a pretty top and a necklace. Its effortless fashion, comfy and good for the beach too. Plus they look good on the backside. That’s what everyone wants right? Circle glasses are a nice little obsession of mine as well as my new Abbey Lee Kershaw inspired hair. They are small cute and cheeky and make you feel like the new rock star on the block.

new128 056


new128 039 (2)

Sandals= beach, city, pool party, movies

Abbey Lee Kershaw
The Australian supermodel I think it is safe to call her. She turns heads with her kick-ass retro style, body and new hair cut that I recently stole. She is the face of Gucci “Flora” fragrance and is the face of Chanel's Fall/Winter 2010/2011 ready-to-wear ad campaign.


Slap on some bangles
For a prettyful look with your outfit.
Not just one or two though.
Pile them on both wrists
and enlighten your accessory side.

If your going for a hippy bohemian look
small bangles and bracelets look really cool
when you have heaps on both wrists all of
random colours and styles.

new128 033

Make up

We all love our makeup to be easy to apply and to look effortlessly flawless. Especially in the summer so it doesn’t feel like a cake in the heat. For a chilled simple summer look go for the bare face look. It is simple and it embraces natural beauty and you won’t get smudges from mascara or too many pimples. All you need is foundation and a bit of powder (if you use both). 

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