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Fashion Revision 2010


Wow! this year has definitely been an interesting year. Fashion 2010 has been full of fun, colour, creativity, elements of the ridiculous, inspiration and new beautiful styles. We are nearly at the end of the year and I will definitely miss it but I look forward to the future more because fashion 2011 I think will go down just as well or even better too.

I was looking at the worst fashion trends of 2010 and some of them I completely do not agree with for example clogs. What is wrong with them!? They are so different and look awesome with leggings or a cute dress and I think them being so huge they make a nice little statement. My favourite were definitely the Chanel clogs. The jumpsuit is also being doubted, but I don’t care though I will not give up my jumpsuit I love it too much.  


Here are some trends I loved and couldn’t stand this year.

Couldn’t stands=

Harem pants
They are weirdly shaped and they do not look good on anyone seriously and I honestly think don’t even bother wearing nice shoes with them because the bottom cut would totally cover and hide them.
Metallic leather
I never understood how this got on to the runway.
Cut-off jeans
They just make me think of pirates stranded on some desert island and no one has a clue how to repair ripped, ugly clothing. They actually look like they are shorts that are only half made.
Ripped jeans
This goes alongside cut-off jeans it just makes me really freaked out that people would actually walk around looking like they were just in a huge dog brawl.
Fur Boots
I can’t say I liked many of these shoes. The ones with the shearing inside the boot I understand like Burberry Prorsum boots, but fur on the outside of the boot? it’s fine unless you plan on wearing them outside the house. I mean what was this trend trying to achieve how a sheep dog feels?
The envelope bag
This just annoyed me every time I saw it. What do you actually put in it a letter? It is waste of money in my opinion.


Light, free clothing that looks great with jewellery and it gives a very natural look I think, very clean and simple and it is quite enchanting.
Yeah they were pretty cool I loved the camel coloured capes from Chloe the most. What I love the most about them is that you don’t have to wear crazy accessories or overdress. You can just wear simple blacks underneath and the cape is all the drama you need.
Circular Glasses
Cutely shaped and not a huge wind shield covering half your face is what is the best about this reinvention.
Small Shoulder Bags
Down side is they don’t hold much but they are great for parties, exhibitions and other less time consuming events when you don’t want to carry a huge bag that might ruin your outfit.
Balenciaga 70’s retro shoes
Was obsessed with them then and still obsessed with them now. So bright and creative, I love the random aspect of the shoes and the architecture.

  I hope never to see those negative ones again, but I am happy to know that camel tones in coats and capes are on the trend forecast for 2011 says There are some things that need to go but some I hope will never leave from 2010. Its sad though because people love these things so much and when the next big thing comes out you just move on with it. But the world never stops moving and its natural to move with it I guess, anyway if we didn’t we wouldn’t get to be a part of those things we fall in and out of love with.


from the Seafolly website

favourite swimsuit of the year

fash par 008

I love perfume at Christmas

Lady Gaga’s meat dress is the NO.1 fashion statement of 2010!!
(For those of you who probably guessed it but hadn’t heard yet, it is now official.)


Merry Christmas !!!!


Favourite Christmas Gifts





Love, love, love this jacket by Evil Twin an emerging Australian fashion brand. You can actually change the sequin colour to silver by brushing it to an angle.

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