Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A look back at eco fashion

My first post on my post was about Eco fashion. Eco wear and sustainable fashion was in at that time, some people (but not enough) seemed to be really trying to change. Eco living was starting to be a thing and people started to really think about it and what they could change. We were a quarter way there and then it stopped, because the truth is, it is impossible for everything and everyone to be eco friendly. Everyone stopped the changing because there was nothing left to do and the prices are nice and high which is a let down to money savers (most people). We are still sitting in this quarter of the way trip to an eco friendly world doing the same thing, and we will stay there until something else happens that we can do.
This made me think have we brought the whole eco save the planet thing in too early without researching more and when there weren’t many changes that we could make. But I think we didn’t because I’m sure that by this everyone has a different perspective on organic products, recycling, and saving energy. That these things aren’t just for hippies and it’s really a good thing. When there are more changes to be done the whole eco thing will defiantly occur again.
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   This brand is really good I especially love their foaming cleanser.      
SANS an eco fashion brand
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What I am not happy about though, and I don’t think I am the only one, is that next to the rest of the world such a small amount of people have changed a lot. I feel that the reason people don’t care very much is because no one has made the changes easy.
We all live busy lives and we don’t have time to be wandering around the supermarket looking for eco friendly products we just pick the one we usually use then go to the next thing on the shopping list. I don’t think the eco industry is making eco friendly products obvious enough to the public. Deep down we want to buy the product that will save plants over the one that will kill them and it hurts every time we don’t. So make it a bit easier so everyone will have more of a chance to change, lower the prices to average and have sections in the supermarkets in capital letters saying SAVE THE PLANET. I don’t see why not. 
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I would like to put a word out to everyone effected in the Queensland floods. It’s going to be tuff but we will get through it just keep holding on!
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