Saturday, January 29, 2011

The time is here and lookin good.


We are approaching the last day of January, which has been a very busy month for fashion. It’s the start of the year, there had to be a good first impression. And it is a definitely good one, so many different new trends are in, and look marvellous! I am confident that 2011 will be one great year in fashion. We’ve started off with the bright colours we have all been waiting for. I particularly love this trend because it’s so full of life and happiness and because I want to be able to wear such fluorescent colours and get away with it. When I opened the February issue of Australian vogue it was so exciting to see all the different creations dedicated to colour. There has been so much simplicity recently it’s nice to take a break out of that and enter a sanctuary of bright fashion must-have's.

photoshoot 108

What is colour without bright eyed and bushy tailed nail polish!

This might seem weird but I am going to turn this boat around and go back to black attack island. I know that everyone is having a party in colour at the moment but I’m really loving the colour black. Not black with some other colour, I mean black, black and more black put together. It’s quite sophisticated and looks great with gold (another pet love of mine at the moment.)

photoshoot 181

I finally entered into the real world of fashion and made myself a faux fur scarf.


Half old news!

Michelle Obama fashion victory

The most fashionable first lady stepped out with yet again an amazing outfit that she wore to the state dinner at the white house. A red and black full length gown by the English designer Sarah Burton of the Alexander McQueen house. She wore it with geode drop earrings by Kimberly McDonald. The colour choice for the gown was chosen to honour China where red signals good fortune and joy. Who said Politics is boring when it comes to fashion? Michelle Obama seems to be doing just fine. Ah yes couture is definitely having a fashion moment and we love it! 


H&M’s new shoe collaboration

The IT fashion shoe of 2010 has made a debut at H&M as they are collaborating with shoe Swedish shoe brand Swedish Hasbeen. It is a limited addition for spring and it comes on sale in April. This cute and casual shoe is perfect for the city and, “come on!” what is better than a comfortable fashion shoe? Seriously. Sad news and good news (sad first.) For some H&M is not in your neck of the woods you might have noticed it is only international, good news: you can go online and buy them “yes we do love the internet!” you can order from the online store Swedish Hasbeen style direct

style_319945000_ivorystyle_319962000_goldstyle_320579000_black style_319945000_mint   

Sportsgirl  accessories. Loving those earrings.

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  1. You made the scarf? wow. I'm from Brisbane too and just discovered your blog from IFB. Love it!

    F. ( x