Sunday, January 23, 2011

Vintage man!


Vintage fashion has been in for a little while now. It’s like fashion style archiving, you keep going back to the best things if that makes sense. The thing I love most about vintage fashion is it is the recycling of such great pieces, timeless pieces that at the time, when they were first created, you didn’t ever want to let them go and they come back in out of the blue. It’s a perfect example of sustainable fashion. Such a beautiful thing to have the modern industry take on things from quite a while again and to make it look awesome. I love fur scarves, it looks so cool yet professional fashionista at the same time.

Some designers actually re-create vintage fashion from the inspiration of there childhoods etc. like marc Jacobs 50-60’s look last year. Topshop has a vintage style line with Kate Moss really into vintage style. A lot of celebrities go for a vintage style, my favourite is Chloe Sevigny I love her shoes she wears, everything just goes. I love to pair vintage clothing with a modern twist. One of my favourite things I saw when I went to Box Vintage was a red and black duffle coat that I probably won’t be able to wear in this Queensland weather. Dimmitt. Go to vintage stores and festivals to shop, they are the best places to get original garments that are very well taken care of and sustainable.



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Purse made by me with vintage flower fabric


So this is where polka-dots come from.


This embroidery is amazing zoom in it looks awesome. I have always been a fan of embroidery and detailing. Vintage clothing is especially known for this as lace, embroidery and crochet was quite big in the past, along with hand finishing, unusual buttons, hand embroidery,  appliqué, beading and other techniques.

For those of you who did not know vintage clothing often has much better quality than modern clothing because the clothes are custom made with a lot of time and effort put into them and that’s why they last for so long. looking through the clothes the other day I couldn’t believe the good quality they were still in the feel is as if they were brand new. Vintage clothing has become a bit more pricey due to the world reincarnation of vintage style but it’s not so bad so get in there and shop, shop, shop !

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Mums bag. Hand-me-downs?




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