Sunday, February 27, 2011

Couture again…

So this is the 2nd post about couture in two weeks. Maybe I should be couture specialist, if there is such thing… ? Yep, there is.
I am so excited about haute couture it’s at the top of my fashion creativity chart. The creative experience of couture is truly an amazing art and I will never forget the Valentino exhibition, it was pure magnificence. I wish I lived back in the early 1900’s when everyone wore princess dresses and were taken around in carriages.

When I think of couture though, I keep missing out ready-to-wear couture and I just go strait to ball gowns. Probably should stop doing that. I swear couture as well is becoming more common in everyday wear. But I love the enchanting oversized shoes we see every at Versace or Alexander McQueen etc.  or studded capes and diamond purses. Ah! I love fashion.

Google Imagesdior_hc_rs9_0966 Google Images
Jessica Alba at the couture fashion week
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emily-blunt-0905-01 The Emily Blunt

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Time and time again


I am not sure why I called this post time and time again, it just came to my head. Now though I am thinking, time and time again? how does that relate to fashion.. trends!

I don’t really know what I am getting at here. What is seen a lot in fashion?

Any  ideas? 


Of course fashionionista’s of the of past and present are some people who are always at the top of fashion time and time again.


Some official fashionistas:

Anna Dello Russo

 anna-dello-russo2Google Images 

Isabella Blow


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Coco Chanel


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favourite picture of Coco Chanel

Iris Apfel


Hello Ruby Rose’s fashion line? How did I miss that? 

Milk and Honey Ruby Rose PR 1

Focus on: Mila Kunis

From black swan (amazing movie) Mila Kunis highly acknowledged in the dramatic arts industry. The former that 70’s show star is really quite a little fashionista too.  And did anyone know she plays meg in family guy??? or am I the only one who didn’t know. Just thought I would add that in too.




If you skip all the dance wear and exercise outfits in black swan the fashion inspiration is really quite beautiful. The costumes and masks in the exhilarating opening night performance were so sparkly and had a sort of feel that made me want to put on a pretty tutu and twirl around a stage.

The black swan costume designer is Amy Westcott who had a collaboration with Rodarte for the movies exquisite costumes. Black swan has been a great fashion inspiration. If you didn’t see it then seriously, I would keep a close eye on video stores for when it comes out to rent.

vintageballet2 life magazine, black swan inspiration

Saturday, February 12, 2011



Haute couture an element of fashion in which can be beautiful and chic, and totally crazy. Victor and Rolf, had there amazing tulle, wonky ball gowns and Christian Dior is loving and always has loved there beautiful puffy skirts and then of course there’s Kenzo with the dramatic shapes and linings we have loved for years.

  What I love most about fantasy fashion is that you can make such amazing stories out of these clothes. Looking at victor and Rolf I see a whirlwind of fabric sucking up a model and inside this whirlwind are twisted goblin tailors creating a masterpiece. It is such a beautiful thought as well as to the creative process put in to this dress, a pat on the back and a celebratory party should be thrown for everyone involved in that collection because yes, it must have been so much hard work and yes they did it. Look after your clothes. When your throwing something to the back of your closet remember the people who made the garment that work so hard to make it.


Alexander McQueen Paris Fashion Week Ready FI_Fjcumeeil

Alexander McQueen

from Google Images


Victor and Rolf

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Google images

I know you have probably already seen this a billion times but I am just trying to make a point here.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Colour, colour and more colour


Yes it’s still going on this trend is not over yet. Thank goodness. This is serious, many designers have started showing colour collections in all different types of creative ways. Colour fashion fiesta is going to make history as the brightest trend ever. I think Prada is definitely by far a lucky winner of an amazing collection award, if you look at the collection it has such a new and lightning feel to it, it’s very Mexican style and just shouts summer on the beach. Prada has made the biggest showstopper with colour. Christopher Kane was also amazing, with his neon/lace collection (personal made up name for the collection.) Anna De la Russo must be loving this fashion colour party the industry has thrown I know I am, which I must have stated many times already, but how can you not be excited right? 


christopher-kane-ss11-01-london-fashion-week-092010 Google images untitled

new128 014 


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