Sunday, February 27, 2011

Couture again…

So this is the 2nd post about couture in two weeks. Maybe I should be couture specialist, if there is such thing… ? Yep, there is.
I am so excited about haute couture it’s at the top of my fashion creativity chart. The creative experience of couture is truly an amazing art and I will never forget the Valentino exhibition, it was pure magnificence. I wish I lived back in the early 1900’s when everyone wore princess dresses and were taken around in carriages.

When I think of couture though, I keep missing out ready-to-wear couture and I just go strait to ball gowns. Probably should stop doing that. I swear couture as well is becoming more common in everyday wear. But I love the enchanting oversized shoes we see every at Versace or Alexander McQueen etc.  or studded capes and diamond purses. Ah! I love fashion.

Google Imagesdior_hc_rs9_0966 Google Images
Jessica Alba at the couture fashion week
Google Images
emily-blunt-0905-01 The Emily Blunt

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