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Haute couture an element of fashion in which can be beautiful and chic, and totally crazy. Victor and Rolf, had there amazing tulle, wonky ball gowns and Christian Dior is loving and always has loved there beautiful puffy skirts and then of course there’s Kenzo with the dramatic shapes and linings we have loved for years.

  What I love most about fantasy fashion is that you can make such amazing stories out of these clothes. Looking at victor and Rolf I see a whirlwind of fabric sucking up a model and inside this whirlwind are twisted goblin tailors creating a masterpiece. It is such a beautiful thought as well as to the creative process put in to this dress, a pat on the back and a celebratory party should be thrown for everyone involved in that collection because yes, it must have been so much hard work and yes they did it. Look after your clothes. When your throwing something to the back of your closet remember the people who made the garment that work so hard to make it.


Alexander McQueen Paris Fashion Week Ready FI_Fjcumeeil

Alexander McQueen

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Victor and Rolf

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I know you have probably already seen this a billion times but I am just trying to make a point here.

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