Sunday, March 27, 2011

Fashion: a never ending trend


photoshoot 061

This may look like some sort of rose, or a Barbie hairclip, but..  it is actually a very hot pair of sandals.

jhg (1) jhg (6)

I love studs so much at the moment, especially on black, it’s like how a cake needs to be decorated. Well the studs are the icing on the shoes.  photoshoot 014

photoshoot 018 photoshoot 019    photoshoot 065photoshoot 046 photoshoot 073

photoshoot 069 

Wellie boots!

Ah! I love, love, love wellies! they are an essential for wet weather and they always seem to look good as well.I have always wanted yellow wellington boots for some reason.

photoshoot 094photoshoot 077 

 photoshoot 107 photoshoot 108

Nude Love! <3 photoshoot 091

P.S I love modern family

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Fashion for the soul: A picture in black and white.


Wouldn’t the world be weird if everything was in black and white. Mind that lets just say fashion only is in black and white. How cool would that be. I think it would give a futuristic sort of feel to it. Like fashionable space cadets on some futuristic man made ship. All the shops would be black and white and everyone would look sort of like an army but a fashion army which is cool.

I  see black and white in many different ways, but most of all as a sort of sketch in charcoal. It’s simple, but somehow beautiful.

Some perfect things about white:

It starts the happy syndrome, of course until it comes time to eat. Then you just become a nervous wreck. I love the invigorating angelic look

Some perfect things about black: Sexy, mind blowing and its strong and sophisticated



This is a necklace wrapped around my wrist. I had on my last post shown as a necklace. I love it, it can be two things in one.


Layered scarves!

How cool is this? I’ve always thought about layering scarves but I thought that would look weird, but the other day I remembered about scarf layering, tried it and I think it looks pretty cool.



I love that scarf.



A white shirt buttoned up at the collar. It’s the new nerd/ office/ chic look. It’s cool just try it.


 photoshoot 005

Sockles and shoesles

photoshoot 009

 photoshoot 013

Every persons must have. Black nail polish is a current obsession of mine.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

A teaspoon of fashion and I sprinkle of awesome.


I know that heading is a bit cheesy but why not.



Cork shoes!

Cool not cool?

I have decided that I don’t know what the fashion status is for cork shoes. I know that they are good for the beach, but is wood the new cork for wedges.

Blake Lively for Chanel




Fashion is getting bigger. It’s more creative and never fails to surprise and entertain. I love ‘fashion weeks’ and awards ceremonies, because there is always something unexpected and then when the next one comes along, there is something better!

As I was looking through my monthly issue of Vogue, I realized how much pattern and colour there was, Vogue has been that way for a while now but I seriously started to consider and praise, actually the people with the guts to wear ‘the official hippy fashion jumpsuit of the year’ I am not saying that I wouldn’t love to wear that though, I for one am a lover of fun fashion. I still have my limits though, but apparently some don’t have any (Rihanna).

What is too much?

Is there such thing as too much? For me when Lady Gaga wore a meat dress that was too much, and then arrived in an egg to the Grammy’s (that was awesome), but I guess as long as it is possible it is not too much. I don’t even want to know how many times I have mentioned Lady Gaga in this blog. It’s an exciting thing I think to know that there is still more outrageous fashion to come. Can’t wait to see what she wears next.


Red lipstick: embrace a colour and brighten your complexion. I swear it puts me in a good mood. I think lipstick is having a bit of a moment in the spotlight, I keep seeing it everywhere. It’s all over the magazines. 


This would make a cool dress.


Head scarves: A personal obsession. A solution to untidy hair and they are beautifully made.



I would like to put a word out to the people affected by the earthquake in Japan. Stay strong and I hope everything gets better soon. This has been such a terrible disaster and I just hope for a good recovery for everyone.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

As weather changes..





This is the beginning of Rowan Kirby-Brown designs. I am proud to say that I made and designed two of these garments. It has taken the weather a while to get to the stage that I can actually put on a scarf and take a photo with out sweating my weight after a few minutes. (Ah Queensland weather! love it.) The shawl on the other hand is more of a summer item.  


Weather is slowly changing, and you can just tell as extra items or accessories form the ultimate outfit. I love this outfit! from the red hair down to the clogs and socks. This is quite a fury look, with a caramel coloured collar and bag. In fact I actually have a pink fur bag which I will now go and take a photo of.


photoshoot 057


She just always needs all the attention.


Look me in the eye and tell me this doesn’t look cool.


I love these little dolls and bags, they are so so cute to collect or are perfect for presents. The fabrics are all so sweet and fresh, they are perfect to decorate your house any day.

 yeah9 yeah10


I know this is totally random but I have always thought that the Pj’s look would be so cool to wear out if it was allowed. Well now apparently it is allowed and it’s in fashion? but now that it is in fashion I am hesitant to go with the outrageous trend. Pj’s are bedtime fashion.


The checked shirt. Never underestimate it.


Suitcase Rummage: A market that sells, vintage items, books, handmade goods, jewellery and much more.


P.S the social network is amazing watch it if you already haven’t.