Sunday, March 20, 2011

Fashion for the soul: A picture in black and white.


Wouldn’t the world be weird if everything was in black and white. Mind that lets just say fashion only is in black and white. How cool would that be. I think it would give a futuristic sort of feel to it. Like fashionable space cadets on some futuristic man made ship. All the shops would be black and white and everyone would look sort of like an army but a fashion army which is cool.

I  see black and white in many different ways, but most of all as a sort of sketch in charcoal. It’s simple, but somehow beautiful.

Some perfect things about white:

It starts the happy syndrome, of course until it comes time to eat. Then you just become a nervous wreck. I love the invigorating angelic look

Some perfect things about black: Sexy, mind blowing and its strong and sophisticated



This is a necklace wrapped around my wrist. I had on my last post shown as a necklace. I love it, it can be two things in one.


Layered scarves!

How cool is this? I’ve always thought about layering scarves but I thought that would look weird, but the other day I remembered about scarf layering, tried it and I think it looks pretty cool.



I love that scarf.



A white shirt buttoned up at the collar. It’s the new nerd/ office/ chic look. It’s cool just try it.


 photoshoot 005

Sockles and shoesles

photoshoot 009

 photoshoot 013

Every persons must have. Black nail polish is a current obsession of mine.

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