Sunday, March 27, 2011

Fashion: a never ending trend


photoshoot 061

This may look like some sort of rose, or a Barbie hairclip, but..  it is actually a very hot pair of sandals.

jhg (1) jhg (6)

I love studs so much at the moment, especially on black, it’s like how a cake needs to be decorated. Well the studs are the icing on the shoes.  photoshoot 014

photoshoot 018 photoshoot 019    photoshoot 065photoshoot 046 photoshoot 073

photoshoot 069 

Wellie boots!

Ah! I love, love, love wellies! they are an essential for wet weather and they always seem to look good as well.I have always wanted yellow wellington boots for some reason.

photoshoot 094photoshoot 077 

 photoshoot 107 photoshoot 108

Nude Love! <3 photoshoot 091

P.S I love modern family

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  1. ADORE your shoes!!! And this post is cutie! The wellie boots are super duper nice!

    Your friendly Blogger,

    From (my blog)>