Saturday, April 9, 2011

Black or Colour?


I came across an interesting issue the other day and decided that it may be the key reason to the colour phenomenon. It started with what nail colour was more attractive, which then formed into, should I be wearing more colour. After analysing how colour could possibly be better than black I remembered that what is so great about colour is that it makes you shine in your personality and in your look. It enlightens complexions rather than black that could possibly bring them down, I guess it depends on how you wear it.. maybe? I think it really just depends on what colour coordination you prefer though, I am one that is more for the occasional colour splurge. I love both though and they are both equally attractive however you choose to wear them.

photoshoot 300

BYS nail polish from the Neon Collection. This is my friends nail polish, it really is an amazing colour.

photoshoot 304

photoshoot 066 

I am in love with studs and sequins at the moment, its like stars in the night but you can wear it.

I am also loving black lace and long sleeve dresses should be the ‘it dress’ for winter.photoshoot 082

photoshoot 083 photoshoot 084 photoshoot 085 photoshoot 087

  Window shopping ! I always go past this shop on the way home from school and it always has insanely gorgeous dresses in the window.

photoshoot 092


jhg (8)

photoshoot 099

More wellies!



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