Sunday, May 22, 2011

A day in the life of a dress maker


Creativity. It is something that can be easy and hard. You have the ideas but they don’t always work. It drives you crazy and it is like a huge fail. Though when you come up with the perfect idea all the stress and time was all worth it because, you have this amazing, indestructible idea. Then that idea gets crushed. Then you have to start all over again from scratch with enough confidence and faith that you can come up with something better. The question is how do we get this faith. I’ve been recently watching a very inspiring TV series called ‘The Day Before’  it is on SBS2 and it is about the day before a runway show, a free ticket into the dramatic and daunting life of the makers, designers, and planners. The series so far has featured Proenza Shouler, Sonia Rykiel, and John-Paul Gaultier. As incredible and eye catching as ‘The Day Before’ is, I sit on the sofa in pain because I become so nervous for the everyone on the design team. You see these mind blowing garments that they are somehow managing to construct and it just makes you think, how are they not screaming at the camera man to leave them alone and stop asking questions because of the possible two hours that they have left to finish a garment that has taken 180 hours to create. (In which btw was cancelled at the last minute before a show.) I admire and am astonished at their calm and focused attitudes throughout the whole design/making process. The makers of a brand should be celebrated just as much as the designer. I guess faith comes from knowledge, courage and the knowhow that there is dress maker out there who not only has to finish a garment before the show in a few hours, but has to puzzle pieces of crocodile together to make a dress. Seriously though watch the show it’s a little distressing but completely inspiring and perfect for any fashionista.


Jean-Paul Gaultier: Haute Couture, Crocodile dressproenza-schouler-spring2011-590kb091610

Proenza Shouler SONIA RYKIEL Catwalk 3bD683epSqJl

Sonia Rykiel.

My most loved trait about Sonia Rykiel apart from the exquisite clothes is the models skipping laughing and dancing down the run way. It is like a runway party to watch I highly recommend to YouTube one of the runway collections.sonia-rykiel-2011


photoshoot 040 photoshoot 041 photoshoot 042photoshoot 036

These were pretty cute.


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