Sunday, May 15, 2011

Fashion: An everlasting beauty


Fashion at the moment is quite calm and seems to be focusing more on the beauty of clothing for example the natural beauty of a simple cream dress. It’s a strong shape, and that’s all it needs to be the next big thing. This months issue of Vogue Australia had a focus on brides. There was first, second and third brides. First brides focusing on extravagant, beautiful and fun dress, second brides were more simple beauty and the third bride was dressed like she was off to a winter tea party… In a pink suit. It was quite sad actually, it was like the third bride had just given up on love. Given up on looking good for a wedding, because it’s a waste of money since the marriage won’t last long. I was expecting a divorce outfit after that. I believe every bride should look there best no matter the circumstances, and to never give up on love because you have true loves everywhere all over the world, and you just have to make your pick right.

tumblr_lfom5skdXn1qa6ob1o1_500 2215892011_5da716b0c1 ELIE%20SAAB%20Spring-Summer%202011%20Haute%20Couture Google Images

Elie Saab Haute Couture S/S ’11

So there ! These dresses are amazing and fit for a queen. I made a new time record on making a dress last night. I was pretty proud of myself even though in industry it’s probably not that impressive, but 5 hours and about 30 minutes was my time. Anyway after seeing this dress and looking back at a frustrating 5 and a half hours, I can’t help but praise and look up to whoever was brave enough to make this dress.  

Marc Jacobs new daisy is here! 

This is yet another amazing scent by the Marc Jacobs. I went and got a tester card the other day and I put it in my wallet, and now I can smell Eau so fresh wherever I go!

marc-jacobs-daisy-eau-so-fresh-for-spring-2011-270111-2 Daisy_Eau_So_Fresh_by_Marc_Jacobs

Lady Gaga jay leno 2 14 2011

Google Images

I just had to put this up. Lady Gaga: Legend

Loving the bodyguards rocking the C.I.A Miami style  photoshoot 064

photoshoot 020 photoshoot 009 photoshoot 010

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