Sunday, May 8, 2011

that that don’t kill me can only make me stronger


I watched such a good program last night on Proenza Shouler. It was about the steps they went through to get to that final bow and a round of applause on the catwalk. As stressful as the program was with all the miss fitting of garments, shoes breaking and literally minutes before the show started a collar wasn’t sitting right, seeing the creation behind the look book, the catwalks and the garment itself, is such an inspiration and just got me so excited about the fashion industry and I just can’t wait to be doing the same. I also decided that Anna Wintor does not sound as scary as she looks. I also feared for the designers and all the disasters that could happen backstage, but what was amazing, is how quickly people came up with ideas to fix the problems. I take my hat off and bow to the hard working people backstage of any event.

Strawberries and Cream

It’s been so long since I have worn a really bright colour. I have been going through a bit of a dark phase I think. But wearing this outfit, even through I changed out of it strait away, brought a sense of relief and freedom. It very interesting as to how this happened, but I loved how wearing a colour just brightens your mood, try it, it actually works.

The outfit: So I used this amazing sheer, hot pink shawl that I have had for years and draped it over my neck like a scarf, then wrapped it around and belted it. It’s pretty simple, and then I topped it off with my white sheer vest that I made. I also may have stolen the idea from an amazing outfit off, it was one of those moments when you see an outfit and immediately makes you think of something you have in your closet and you just have to see if you can pull it off. 

photoshoot 291photoshoot 295 photoshoot 296 photoshoot 299photoshoot 285 Extra Accessory: Black fur scarf, From Rowan Kirby-Brown designs.


Illustrating fashion

An exhibition of fashion illustrations 

I have decided to add a new category to my blog, art. I see art as fashion through colour and texture, and the way that it brightens moods. Illustrating fashion is exhibiting fashion illustrations by some of Brisbane's best fashion designers. Fashion Illustration is an art though that I am a little obsessed over, I mean if we weren’t renting, my walls would be covered in drawings and mood boards.

By Adele Rachael Turner

adeladele photoshoot 317

By Natasha Deardenphotoshoot 283


photoshoot 302

photoshoot 303

By Priya Coxphotoshoot 308


By Julie Tengdahl

photoshoot 319


  1. i love how you wore that scarf. what a great idea to secure it with a belt. you've inspired me!
    xoxo lillie

  2. love your outfit
    & beautiful illustrations :)

  3. Sooooo cool!!! You're gorgeous

  4. I love the color of your pink scarf and the art posts are absolutely stunning :)

    and btw, you are so beautiful