Friday, October 7, 2011

Mercedes Benz


Last month I attended my first ever Mercedes Benz fashion show which was really exciting for me because it has been a long term dream of mine that actually came true and I can not wait to enjoy all the more Mercedes Benz shows to come.

The show started off with the thundering music of every fashion show and a celebrity in site in the front row (Alex Perry) the incredible designer Akira was the first to have his Spring/Summer collection shown. The collections highlight for me would be the colour block wedges in fluro pinks, reds, oranges and some shoes that had a floral pattern in bright orange. The colours made you feel like it was summer already even though here in Australia there is about three months to go.. but it is Australia so half way through spring might as well be


There were also designers such as Easten Pearson, Josh Goot <3, Lisa Brown and Aurelio Costarella. The show was overall quite simple fashion but it was enjoying to watch and see the new trends on the catwalk.

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