Sunday, November 6, 2011

This is not even really a fashion post-at all


Ok so its almost summer here in Australia but as we all know in Australia almost summer means it is summer but we have not been released from the prison that we all call school yet.

It’s almost summer and I can’t wait to be here:


Events that have happened in the last month in which I have been to slack to write a post:

Well Halloween happened and as you can see below is my slightly pathetic attempt at putting together a costume. My birthday! A long list of must do’s and just more longing for summer.  A lot more stuff happened too but they were some of the highlights. Though for a month I would say that is eventful enough.  photoshoot 875 (2)


I had to put this up THIS MESSAGE MUST BE SHARED SO PLEASE SEND THIS ON THROUGH FACEBOOK, TWITTER, WE HEART IT or any other social networking sites that I am not up to date with.

photoshoot 569

My very cute little message waiting for me when I got home from school.

photoshoot 589

Birffday Breakfast! Pink pancakes mmmmmmmmm Yum! Just realised I probably should have masterchefably wiped the plate clean of marks though.

photoshoot 574

Perfect for colds. Accept the Lemsip kids. It might taste disgusting but it works!


photoshoot 145

photoshoot 214

Experimenting with macro technology ;) and BNE is Brisbane’s Natural Environment!

 photoshoot 076

photoshoot 092

photoshoot 683

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