Guidelines for the fashionista and wannabe

This page is all about keeping up with your own style, shopping safe and most of all going about fashion stress free. Over the years my fashion sense has changed dramatically, a lot. Now I feel like its starting to form into what its supposed to be, my own personal style. I could be wrong next month I might look like a rock star, tom boy (I doubt), but through all my fashion disasters and fashion uplifts I have learnt quite a lot about personal style, and safe shopping. So I decided to share with you how to go about style changes, saving money and being happy with who you are.
Every girls must-haves

I put together a list of things that are essential to every girls wardrobe. They are great because they are things that never go out of fashion and go with almost everything wearable.

LBD A perfect, simple LBD that’s not too extravagant, will work for many different occasions and the best thing is you can wear the dress in so many different ways with different accessories.

Flats Cute and chic I love wearing them with jeans and dresses.

Sandals I love sandals on a summer day going to the beach or shopping in the city. They let your feet breath. And you also don’t have to spend a fortune on them you can pick up some decent sandals from k-mart or target for a small amount.

Jeans The search for jeans in deadly I know, but when you find the perfect pair it’s worth it right? Dark rinse slim jeans work on most body types.

Tank top  Plain colours, bright colours, floral, print, yes the list goes on and on. Pretty and comfortable and look awesome with jeans. Tanks are the easiest top, they go with so many different outfits.

An awesome bag (Preferably a dark colour like black or brown because they go with most colours). A good bag that holds the everyday essentials. I would say buy this before you start getting clutches and/or shoulder bags.

Cardigan If jackets don’t really work for you or if you can’t find a good one. Cardigans do almost the same thing as jackets and they are comfy. Go for simple tones like black, ivory, cream or gray rather than bright colours. The reason I’m saying simple colours is because they go with pretty much every other colour.

What not to bother with

Girl walks into store.
“Hey cute I love this dress!
Checks price tag. Lips cringe at the numbers. A slight pause of silence as a million thoughts of doubt rush through the girls head.
“I’m supposed to be on a budget but its so pretty. Oh wait I needed to buy those shoes (more important) ah oh well trying it on won’t hurt.” (denial)
3 minutes later
“Aaahh! I love it, I love It. Wait it doesn’t even fit me that well around the waist, but still, it’s so pretty!! I’m getting this.”

No! don’t do it! You’ll regret it later.

Ok girls the rules to shopping safe are:
Stick to your budget
Only buy the necessary (stick to the need list)
Don’t buy it unless it goes with other things in your closet
Learn to resist the urge
Splurge occasionally

If you are a shopoholic resist the urge to buy that unneeded scarf. Distract yourself with something or simply move to another area or just leave the store, legs are made for walking you know. Not freezing motionless.

I always like to make lists of things that are needed, not wanted, needed. Then I think very carefully about the wants, if it’s worth spending money on or if I really want it because I like it, and not because it’s a trend everyone else is wearing.

Note: Keep away from the small ones because they are out four months later. And if it doesn’t work on you don’t bother.

Recognising cheap
It might be cheap and exactly the style your looking for, but will it last? Is the quality really worth it? I always look at the seams first analysing how far they stretch out. Tighter stitches with not too far of a gap is good. If the seams stretch out quite a bit or even look like they will snap, it is more likely for there to be a rip earlier on. I check the quality of the fabric. If synthetics it’s not always good, the fabric gets dirty easier and holds odour, yuk. Cotton is great because of its soft feel and lasting ability.

What’s your style persona?

Having trouble understanding your style is so annoying I know. When your asked what style you’re into and you say “I don’t know!” I get sick of saying it, and I don’t really want to list everything I like because I like a lot of things. This for me is the same with music and movies too.
I don’t have a singular word to describe my style because I love heaps of different styles. But as much as I sound so negative I think that it is a good thing to have different styles. All these different things I love have made me who I am, and as Johann Wolfgan von Goeth once said, "We are shaped and fashioned by what we love." so true.

 I have about six different fashion styles and they are all random next to each other. I always used to want to have only one conservative style. I’m not really sure why, but now I accept that style is not one word, it’s a quite few words that form it. Once you find your style its your own style and no one else’s. I’m still adding different styles to my list and it’s fun to change and go back and learn more about yourself and what you love.

Style Renovation

If you really feel like you need a style renovation then what I would do is check out blogs, magazines, type fashion into Google images and browse different ideas, I’m sure you’ll find something you like.
Next head to the shops browse the mall, try things on all day, take a girlfriend with you and ask for her opinion. Find things she will like. You don’t have to buy anything, just have fun trying different things. Pick out something you will never wear. You might be surprised.

Look through your closet go through everything in it see if you have something that looks like that gorgeous top you really want. Or if anything in your closet would work to create a fresh new style. Look through for things that you might want to get rid of. Think to yourself why this was bought in the first place and what drew you to it. Then you can decide if you want to keep it or leave it.
As you do this you will start to discover and understand what you like and what works and doesn’t work on you.

Fashion disasters and how to escape them.

Everyone has those horrible days when everything in your closet looks really, really bad. Believe me I’ve had my fair share of those days. When your shoes don’t go with your dress or “why did I get this top it disgusting, it doesn’t go with anything.” Well the truth is every other day you wore that top it looked fine, so just think of this particular day as a fashion cold and there is always medicine to cure it.

Ok so if your in a rush and you just want to find something good in the next minute, just take a breath and wear the outfit you wore yesterday or the day before I don’t think anyone will notice let alone really care. Even if you think it’s really obvious. When you’re dressed walk out the room with a smile and try not to worry about it.
Step 2: It all comes down to the fact that you need to be more organised. So take the time to write down a list of favourite outfits to wear. The list will include clothes and accessories for casual, everyday and evening wear. Once you have written the list try all the clothing sets on to check if they are definitely satisfactory enough to be on the list.
Hang it in the inside of your wardrobe or somewhere you can see it when your getting ready trust me it will make everything so much less stressful.

Why did I buy that?Oh god I hate it when I like something in the shop but not 100% buy it, bring it home try it on again and regret even stepping out of the house that morning. It ruins my whole day. Which is why now I take extra careful precautions while shopping these days. For some reason I used to pick up things that I liked on the rack check that it my size (it is) then buy it strait away without trying it on. (stupid)
Always, always try things on. It might look good on other people but that doesn’t mean it will look good on you. Harsh but true.

Try it on if it looks good, great now check if its on your need list, if its not then seriously think about if you can afford it and if there is a compromise that could be made. Like, drop something on the need list (not that good of a compromise but it works). If all is good you will buy it with no doubts at all but if your not at least 99.5% happy with something just leave it, it’s a waist of precious time.
I hope my guide has helped you and your friends. I won’t be changing this page much so be sure to visit again if you need a refresh.